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Appetisers & Starters

Non-Tandoori Starter

Served with salad & mint sauce

Tandoori Starter

Served with salad & mint sauce

Tandoori Specialities

Tandoori dishes are marinated in yoghurt with different hand blended spices, then cooked in tandoor oven & served with curry sauce, Salad & Mint sauce.

Masalla Dishes

Spiced tandoori dishes cooked in a tandoori oven then cooked with special sauce with ground nuts, raisins and fresh cream. Nations favorite dish.

Balti Dishes

Balti dishes are prepared with special Balti sauce, which consists of more than twenty different herbs and spices.

Chefs Recommendations

Mix Dishes

Traditional Dishes

Biryani Dishes

This dish is beautifully decorated and prepared with saffron rice, almonds, raisins and boiled egg. Served with vegetable curry sauce.

Vegetable Side Dishes

Rice Dishes

Breads & Sundries

English Dishes

Kebabs on Nan

Served with fresh salad and sauce


Served in a sesame seeded bun with fresh salad & choice of relish

Fried Chicken & Extras

Set Meals

Drink & Desserts